Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello, I'm your webmistress, and today I'll be introducing this blog with a few comments about what I hope its content will look like eventually.

I don't expect this to be a place with frequent posts, as I often learn more from listening to others than from spitting out my own analyses of things, but I do hope to occasionally toss out some reflections on:
  • feminism, privilege, oppression, being progressive and an ally;
  • academia and particularly the issues that arise given my discipline and particular area of study;
  • politics and current events;
  • whatever the heck else I feel like mentioning.

So this won't be strictly a personal space, but neither will it be strictly political or professional -- as if they could ever be separated anyhow.

As one of my favorite feminist bloggers put it in a fantastic post (itself now part of a don't-miss series on Feminism 101):

Making the personal public and political is serious business. Because women's stories aren't told, it's incumbent upon female feminists to tell their own stories, to fill that void, to be unrepentant and loquacious raconteurs every chance we get, to talk about our bodies, our struggles, our triumphs, our needs, our lives in every aspect. It's our obligation to create a cacophony with our personal narratives, until there is a constant din that translates into equality, into balance.

So this is more or less what I hope this space can accomplish. If I ever get off my procrastinating ass and manage to post anything!