Tuesday, June 24, 2008

30 Second Movie Review: Get Smart

As a child, I loved the original Get Smart series with Don Adams, and so I was pretty eager to see what the movie version looked like.

It was pretty funny, and I liked Steve Carrell as Maxwell Smart (although Ann Hathaway was somehow less believable as Agent 99).


What the fuck was up with all the fat jokes?

It turns out that in this version of the show, Max is just an analyst trying to make full agent status (which I'm not spoiling anything by revealing as a success.) Why did he keep failing his agent exam? Well, it turns out he used to be Fatty McFat. Much hilarity ensues.

Yeah, except this part of the movie wasn't funny, it was just more of the same tired old stereotypes about fat people: haha, can't run; can't climb a wall or do any of the obstacle course; wears hideously baggy clothing, hahaha!

Also not funny: the scene where Max dances with the Fat Chick, again mined for its maximum comedic effect when it ends with him needing help to pull the woman up from a final dramatic dance pose.

Like I said: lots of other funny things in the movie, many of them planned to take full advantage of Carrell's natural comedic timing and brilliant physical comedy.

But the fat jokes: just not necessary.

(See also Kung Fu Panda).

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